STRIKE is used for Draft Test

JINGLE is a Taiwan-based startup company. We have always concerned about the development of Taiwan's baseball.STRIKE has been favored by many users around world since it announced less than one year ago. In 2018, STRIKE has been recognized by many professional baseball teams and baseball training camps, where it was used to provide a more advanced pitch data in their usual training procedure. Through a long-term training procedure with STRIKE, it can give a deep insight of the player’s pitch quality and make the adjustments accordingly. In this way, it can efficiently improve the player’s sport performance and reduce the potential injury brought by an unfitting training. We believe that you’ll be also on the way to success with such scientific training which is same as adopted by the professional baseball teams.   

In June, STRIKE and Dragon baseball team cooperated in two large-scale events, jointly held the official “Dragon X STRIKE professional baseball draft test” and the first fan meeting in the beginning of June.

On the 1st June, STRIKE marched to Changhua, and having fun with Dragon fans and participating in the grand fan meeting, STRIKE provided a newly developed entertainment ranking system on site, inviting fans and dragons to interact and pitch. Chairman Mr. Wei, General Director Mr. Ye and the coach Mr. Zhang are all experienced the new system and pitch a straight ball. The pitching data was presented in the STRIKE ranking system.

Guess who will win the campaign for the fastest pitch on velocity and spin rate? : )


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