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Are your pitch stats at the right level? 

Ball speed is one of the most important indicators for a pitcher. Many pitchers have been pursuing their highest speeds throughout their lives. In fact, not only the pitcher himself/herself, the scouts of the professional league also attach great importance to the speed of a pitcher.

In addition to the pitch speed, MLB has also begun to pay attention to the SPIN RATE in recent years. And, what is spin rate?

A pitcher's spin rate represents the rate of spin on a baseball after it is released. It is usually specified as the  revolutions per minute (RPM). 

The spin rate will affect the degree of the air resistance (Magnus force) applied to the ball and the movement of the ball when it is flying into the strike zone.  In other words, the spin rate of a pitch would greatly affect its flight path

Take a four-seam-fastball as an example:

  • For a speed of 90 mph four-seam-fastball without rotation, it will drop about 23.6 inches when flying into the plate.
  • For a speed of 90 mph four-seam-fastball with 2100 rpm rotation speed, it will drop only 7.8 inches when flying into the plate.

Theoretically, it takes 0.7 secs to swing a bat to the hit zone. And for a 95 mph high fastball, the flight time is only 0.4 secs. Therefore, a batter will have to guess what type of this pitch after quickly observing the movement of the pitcher, and deciding whether to hit this ball at the same time. If a pitcher can throw fastballs with different spin rate, the batter would have more difficult to hit the ball. (Because those flight trajectory are quite different from one to another.)

In this way,  a good pitcher not only should be able to throw a high speed fastball. How to control the phases of spin rate of each pitch is also a very important weapon to a pitcher.


First, let us tell you the average speed of fastball in different levels.

In addition, we provide the average spin rate of several common pitches.

Look up the average speed and spin rate of all the classes, are your pitch stats at the right level? A good pitcher should not only chase for the highest speed of the pitch, but how to take the advantages of the gap between speed and spin rate is also a key weapon when facing to the batter.

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12, 2021